Jimmy B. Carlsen

Jimmy B. Carlsen is a C#/.NET programmer and has ten years of experience in developing for some of Denmarks largest internet portals.

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  1. Copy backup to Amazon S3 Cloud — 2 comments
  2. Flash advert disappers in IE9 — 1 comment
  3. Website with IDN domain won’t start in IIS 7.5 — 1 comment

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Copy backup to Amazon S3 Cloud

If you install the free S3 Explorer from CloudBerry Lab, you also get a powerfull PowerShell Snap-in allowing you to create a command line batch job for copying your backup to Amazon S3. Read this article to get my fully working example.

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Using RAND() in user defined function

Ever wanted to use a random number in a TSQL UDF? And getting an error message like this: Msg 443, Level 16, State 1, Procedure RandomString, Line 22 Invalid use of a side-effecting operator ‘rand’ within a function. There’s a quick (and dirty) solution for this.

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Resizing iframe from content

When you want to give both your advertisers and your users the best experience, you sometimes want to resize an iframe (and maybe also a surrounding div) from within the iframe’s content.

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WordPress bbPress plugin localization

The bulletin board bbPress also exists as a WordPress plugin for perfect integration.  However, it has been a true pain to translate it.

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Website with IDN domain won’t start in IIS 7.5

IIS 7.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2 pop ups with “Value does not fall within the expected range” when trying to start a website with IDN-domain.

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Flash advert disappers in IE9

The Flash banners with streaming video disappeared in IE9, but I discovered that resizing the window width by 1 pixel (+/-) and reloading the page removed the problem. I believe this is related to the “Flash off by 1 pixel” problem.

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Failed to generate a user instance – MSSQL

Failed to generate a user instance of SQL Server due to failure in retrieving the user’s local application data path. Please make sure the user has a local user profile on the computer. The connection will be closed.

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